Coucou !

Petit Chat is releasing another beachwear for this summer : a cute swimsuit called Dolphin. 
It comes in 5 colors : pink, orange, purple, blue and peach. 

Dolphin swimsuit Blue

With the summer here and the beautiful weather, all we want to do is to wear some beachwear, take a basket with a bottle of water, a book and a beach towel,  and run to the beach to enjoy a good time.
The Dolphin swimsuit is the perfect outfit for this.

Dolphin swimsuit blue

As a background for this post, i chose the beautiful isle of Santaurio .
I left aside the spot with the plane in the sea and found a quiet piece of beach.

Dolphin swimsuit orange

I left my lil basket here on the deck. 
And went for a dive in the sea, the water was ideal temperature.

Dolphin swimsuit orange

The design of the swimsuit is really beautiful. It has straps under the neck and then fits perfectly the body, without too much showing.

Dolphin swimsuit Peach

The Pearl version is my favorite. Maybe less bright than the other ones, but so sweet and delicate. And it will look better after i get a bit of more tan on my skin.

Dolphin swimsuit pink

The whole result gives a really glamour touch.
The swimsuits will be released on the 26th of July as exclusive items for the Fashion Collective event.
Price will be 80 l$ for each color, and they will come with copy permission, in 5 sizes and with 3 different alpha layers to allow you the best match.

Dolphin swimsuit purple

From the 1rst of august till the 15th, you will be able to find them in gatcha version, in the Oh! LIKE blah Gotta Gatcha Round 2 event.  For 50 l$ each try and with transfert permission only.

Take the time to try the demo and enjoy those swimsuits and beach and fun all along the summer time !

Have fun and remember i love you all !

Happy summer to all of you !

All pics of this post have only be cropped (except on the puple dolphin one, where i made some fixes on the skin of my avatar). 

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