Last night i made a dream.... I was working as a dancer in a kind of circus. We were travelling from a town to another everyday... No home anywhere, our home was everywhere we deploy the Circus tents...
The place was empty... It was like i was alone here... training for my evening show. 

 I knew that in the evening, several men from the town will come to see my show...looking at every piece of my curves while they are drinking some alcohol drinks.
My boss will be somewhere in a corner, counting his money....
It was still early in the afternoon... but suddendly i felt eyes looking at me....

 He was here. A man i didnt know...
Alone, silently sit on a chair, having a drink.
He shouldnt be here. Noone was allowed in the circus, during the day.....
I thought that someone from the circus team will come and tell him he cant stay here....
I didnt said anything, and kept training for my evening show.

 Well, he wasnt bothering. Just watching.
Geting his bottle to his mouth from time to time.
Nothing much.

He was exuding a weird melancholic feeling....
Something sad in his look throught his glasses.
Maybe because of this, i wasnt afraid .... it was quite like i knew him since always.
Suddendly he standed up, walked slowly till a corner... keeping drinking from his bottle....calmly.
All his movements were firm, like he has a deep self-confidence. Like he knew in advance what will happen, like he always have been here.....and maybe also, like he was a lil unreal...
Then with one of his hand, he made a sign at me, inviting me to join him.
He didnt said a word but i was fascinated by him.
I didnt said a word either. I left silently the wood stage and came close to him.
Silent, he took slightly my hand and took me outside the big top.
We did walk a long time..... The sky was grey, everything outside had an apocalypse atmosphere, like if we were the day before the big End .... or the day after.
A heavy feeling was floating in the air.
It was like we were alone in the immensity of the world.
But i wasnt afraid. I could feel the heat exuding from his hand in mine.
He took me to a lil pier and we jumped on a frail boat.

He didnt said where we were going. I just trusted him.
The lil lapping of the waves was pleasant. 
He didnt stopped looking at me while he was rowing.
Maybe he was afraid i fell into the water...

We landed close to an empty house. It was like this one was ghosted, or like if noone has ever lived there.
We sit for a lil moment on the ground, having deep breathes to feel deeper the moment.
From time to time, i could see a reassuring smile on his face. Like if he was whispering to me 'Do not worry sweetie, all is safe. Nothing bad can happen, im here". 
But suddendly, the fairy of the moment disapeared in one second when a big and scary crocodile ran to us.
In less than one minute, he standed up and took me in her arms.
The monster was runing really fast, we knew right away it was useless to try to run away.
The beast started to run all around us.
I thought it was the end for us..... we wont get out of this safely.
The crocodile started to lift dust from the ground with his huge tail.
Soon, it was like a fog...
Dust was burning my lungs, my eyes were crying...I couldnt see anything, but i was still feeling the man's arms around me building a protection.
We fell sudendly unconscious. Before falling, the man took care to sit me on a boat beached there.
I cant say what happened then. But when i woke up, i found him layed on the floor, still unconscious....
I dragged him by the feet till a lil tent just beside.
Weirdly, his weight hasn't been a problem. It was like he had no weight at all...
I layed him on couch there.
I sit down on the floor close to him.... watching over his breath.
I cant tell how many time ive been here waiting for he awake... 
Probably too much time....
I felt asleep myself after long hours.
When i woke up, he wasnt here anymore. I looked for him everywhere. Hours of search. Days...
His face was still in my mind. The memory was so alive, it was like i could almost touch him, but without never achieve it.
Who was this guy ?
Why was he here ?
What was all this story meaning ?
I stayed here long hours. Sometimes i was falling asleep without obvious reasons. Then i was waking up with the same obsession : i had to know who was this man.
Finally i found a ladder going up to the sky.... Weird... But my curiosity won. I decided to climb it.
I felt my answers was there... on the top.
It took me long time to climb. It was like the ladder hasn't any end. But now i was too up for abandoning my quest. I had to know.
Finally, i came to the top and i saw the man's face on a giant poster.
It was him !
Oh !
Him... the man from my dream.... Marcello.... 
I knew right away all this was unreal.. and i woke up in my bed....
Marcello Mastroianni 's face was still in my mind....
All the day long i couldnt stop thinking to him and hoping i will meet him again while i will be sleeping again.
I cant wait my next dream...Will it be another date with him ?


Pics have been taken at Fellini Oniricon, an awesome tribute to Federico Fellini, one of my favorite movie directors.
I'd like to thanks here my friend Fadi for his great patience while i made the pics.
The outfit displayed here is the Thousand Voice dress that you can find in Petit Chat mainstore and in the Market Place.
Price is only 130 L$.
For any kind of question feel free to im me inworld.

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